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I'm Challenging You to Create an At-Home Date Night

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

#Stayhome is sweeping the internet (thank goodness). My significant other and I tried to create the ultimate at-home date night filled with good food and tons of fun. Now I'm challenging you to do the same!

Going into our relationship, no one told my significant other and I that we would face a life-changing global pandemic. We didn't prepare to put our nights out dancing, evenings of appetizers and bowling, and trips to see the newest movies on pause. When COVID-19 hit, we realized our relationship was facing the ultimate test. So, of course, we found ourselves asking what most couples who are stuck inside the house all day would: how would we ever maintain our romance in such a crazy time?

We decided to make the most of quarantining and create the ultimate at-home date night. But we recognized that we were lacking fun, and we are firm believers couples should always try to incorporate fun! A simple night containing movie on Netflix and a bowl popcorn weren’t going to suffice this time. We needed to get creative.

To say we enjoy eating out is an understatement – we love it. Nothing motivates us to get through our weekly work like a date night to get a bowl of pho or an oven-baked pizza.

Whether you’re quarantining with a spouse, significant other, sibling, or roommate, make the most of your date night (or gals night, or guy-time, or whatever it may be). But how can you do this without stepping outside? Easier than you'd think...

Go through your cabinets and try to find a fun dish to make out of foods and spices you already have.

I know, I know. It sounds too good to be true. How can you have one of the best date nights ever by staying inside and b. not getting any new ingredients to make something delicious? You'd be surprised how much you have at home that you forgot about, and luckily we have the internet to tell us how to combine it into something great. We decided to go with the incomparable #alavodka dish. (Seconds, please!) Here’s a quick recap of how our night went…

  • 5:00 – We realize it’s yet another Friday night where leaving the house is not an option. We decide to scroll through recipes from the Food Network to see if inspiration strikes us.

  • 5:30 – Like I said, we really love food, so we had fun scrolling through recipes. Every few moments one of us would give an “ooo” or “ahhh” to a recipe that cought our eye. Eventually, we decide to only look at pasta recipes since we always seem to have an abundance of that in the cabinets.

We didn’t have penne, but we did find a box of cellentani to use. Works just as well (plus the shape added a fun element to the dish). Following Ree Drummonds recipe, we made a simple but delicious meal. Because the recipe calls for common household items, we didn’t have to go out to enjoy this meal. With a can of tomato puree, a cup of cream, and a few other added elements for taste, we made amazing cellentani a la vodka.

It’s funny how a simple at-home date night made our week. We realized then that while going out is fun, sometimes it’s the memories you make at home that really stand out.

So I challenge you to do an at-home #datenight. Grab your phone or laptop and start searching for your recipe-of-the-night. Play some upbeat music and dance around the kitchen while you cook (don't let your food burn though)! Find a bottle of wine, light your favorite candle, and enjoy the night. Don't forget to continue making memories with your loved ones in this crazy time.

If you''re up for the at-home cooking challenge, be sure to take a picture of what you come up with and tag @hangrygirl_ri on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter so I can share your yummy creations.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!


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