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Sift Bake Shop, Mystic, CT

Back again with another eatery highlight! This time we are visiting the gorgeous downtown Mystic, Connecticut to try out Sift Bake Shop. Debating on visiting their Mystic or Watch Hill, RI locations? Keep reading to hear whether or not it has the Hangrygirl seal of approval.

This past week my family and I wanted to go get fresh air somewhere new. We decided that downtown Mystic, Connecticut was the perfect place to stroll around for a couple hours and get a change of scenery while still being able to social distance.

If you've ever been to the area, then you know about infamous Mystic's food is. Have you ever tried Kahlua Mocha Fudge from the iconic Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream parlor? Have you ever heard of the notorious Mystic Pizza? (If you're thinking of the cute pizza shop on West Main Street, that's right. If you're thinking of the 1988 film starring Julia Roberts, that's also right!) But aside from their most popular places, Mystic has some amazing hidden gems.

My newest love? Sift Bake Shop!

With one bacon, egg and cheese sandwich, and one smoked salmon sandwich, we were transformed into mega-fans! They both came on croissants, the breakfast sandwich on a plain one and the salmon sandwich on an everything croissant. They were toasted to perfection! They both came with greens and tomato, plus the breakfast sandwich had fresh avocado! (Check out my blog on my favorite ways to make avocado toast here.)

Consensus? Definitely worth the trip. Thank goodness for curbside pickup during social distancing season! If you haven't checked out Sift yet, you need to ASAP! While you're there, be sure to try a blueberry scone. It was the perfect baked sweet to snack on while window shopping downtown.

Have you been to Sift? What was your favorite meal? Drop a comment, or share a picture on social and tag @Hangrygirl_RI.

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