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Why You Should Get Dressed Everyday, Especially When Working From Home

Unlike many, I am fortunate enough to be able to work remotely. Thank you to those serving in essential businesses, and those on medical front lines working tirelessly to keep things under control and safe for others. I know I can speak for so many when I say we appreciate all of your hard work.


Adjusting to the devastating COVID-19 outbreak has been difficult for us all in our own ways. I personally have been struggling switching from working in an office to working at home. In the beginning my levels of productivity were definitely getting effected; I wasn't getting as much work done as I normally would. I felt like I was being deprived of doing work and accomplishing my daily goals in my most familiar spots.

Of course I'm still adjusting to the craziness, but I do have a secret that has helped me tremendously. Curious what it is?

Wake up.


Get dressed.

Get ready for the day as if it'll be your most productive done yet.

You read it right - get dressed! Do yourself a favor and make sure to get a little done-up in the morning. Put yourself in something that will make you look good, and more importantly, that will make you feel good both inside and out.

Once I started getting dressed as if I was still going to get work done - whether it was in jeans and a blouse or a sweatshirt dress paired with a statement necklace - my days changed. All of a sudden I was getting so much done again! I became excited to take on my workload of the day, simply from the comfort of my kitchen table. With a pair of metallic printed leggings, a cropped windbreaker, and my favorite blush, I transformed into the work-from-home girl boss I never knew I was.

Being stuck at home can drive you stir-crazy, but don't let it slow you down. Getting dressed, even in the most simple but on-trend outfit, can remind yourself that you're facing a new day with new tasks that need to be executed.

Don't worry, I know chance are that even if you get dressed up, you still want to enjoy the comfort that comes with being at home. I'm right there with you! So here are a few cute-but-comfy ideas for getting dressed and feeling good without losing that cozy at-home feel...

Bring Street Style Home with Biker Shorts.

Wear your favorite cute over-sized sweatshirt and style it with mid-thigh biker shorts (I love looking to Cella Jane for inspo with these)! I personally love the #bikershorts trend. They are functional and comfy; they can be styled in so many ways. This cute street-style brought home is sure to make you feel trendy and ready to take on the day.

A woman wearing a stylish outfit featuring olive green biker shorts.
Olive Mid-Thigh Biker Shorts

Try a Comfy Tunic.

Maybe you have online #zoom calls all day and can’t show up in a sweatshirt. Try a tunic! This ruffled charcoal tunic from Chic Soul is perfect paired with a necklace and a simple makeup look. Its flowy structure and tiered ruffles blends comfort and glam into the perfect top.

A layered and ruffled charcoal top from Chic Soul paired with a statement necklace.
Ruffled Grey Tunic

Do a Soft Sweater and Keep Being Your Chic Self.

If there is anything that manages to be sexy and sophisticated at the same time, it's a well-structured sweater. Feel fabulous as you grind out your work at home in a high neck sweater paired with your favorite pair of dark skinny jeans.

A woman wearing a creme-colored chunky cable knit sweater with puff sleeves and chic texture.
Chunky High Neck Knit Sweater

Be Romantic, Add a Bow.

Sometimes it's the little things in life that really matter. Need proof? Look at the bow. It can transform even the simplest clothing piece into an editorial moment. If you find yourself in a slump at home and need a fashion pick-me-up, incorporate a bow into your outfit, whether it be on a blouse, with a scarf, or even in your hair.

A pair of Lulu's mauve pants with a slit on the sides and a centered ribbon bow.
Mauve Flowy Pants with a Bow

Rock that T-Shirt Dress.

My favorite trend lately has been turning accidentally over-sized into an intention. T-shirts are no longer meant to only meant to be worn with flare jeans and sneakers. The t-shirt dress is a versatile piece that can be worn whether you're aiming for an edgy aesthetic or a boho feel. It's the ultimate easy-to-wear outfit. Just pair it with your favorite stud earrings and let the piece be a statement of its own.

A Good American t-shirt dress paired with white sneakers.
A Denim T-Shirt Dress

Did you get inspired by any of these outfits? Tag the Hangrygirl Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook @hangrygirl_ri and showcase your #girlboss and #workfromhome outfits!


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