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A Foodie Evening Without Toddlers | Providence, RI @Hangrygirl_ri

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

OK, so you found a babysitter? Yes! Here are some of the hotspots that make a babysitter the best idea, ever.

Big King: North’s former location, North’s current owners. A sleek and narrow multicourse Japanese restaurant where you can pair your courses with a whiskey or saki tasting. Super cozy with only two tables for 4 and a high top bar wrapped around a sultry view of beautiful Japanese spirits. Sitting at the bar is great for couples, this is definitely a must for a no-kid evening. Definitely get the pairing with your food. Just uber and enjoy! Big King | 231 Carpenter St, Providence, RI 02903|

Nicks on Broadway: I’m sure you’ve heard the brunch is fab and worth the wait--it is! But have you tried the multicourse tasting menu? Get ready for a night to remember. Sit back and let the chef send out 4-7 courses of inventive dishes paired with various wines. It really takes the stress out of deciding what you want to eat. We already have enough decisions to make in life! Trust me, your foodie fantasies will be satisfied. Nicks on Broadway | 500 Broadway, Providence RI 02909 | 401.421.0286 |

Rosmarin: Currently running inside the Vinya Test Kitchen, this father-son chef duo boasts upscale, swiss-inspired food in a tiny open-kitchen spot in the heart of downtown Providence. It’s also BYOB--win-win!. If you forget your wine, just pop next door to Enos Fine Wines, they have a great selection. You can walk over to The Dorrance afterwards for a night cap. Rosmarin | 225 Westminster Street, Providence, RI | 401.521.3333 |

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