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Hangrygirl’s Favorite Kombucha of 2022

Kombucha [“kuhm·boo·chuh”]… a fizzy, tart, and semi sweet sassy drink with a complex flavor profile.

As the new year begins, everyone makes goals to become healthier, starting with getting a gym membership and buying all new healthy foods to start this journey. We totally suggest you add Kombucha to your 2023 diet. Kombucha is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants to bring our bodies into a healthy balance.

Recently, we were introduced to some local kombucha brands around Rhode Island, one of them being Fieldstone Kombucha. Not only do they have nice packaging, their flavors are New England inspired and made from locally sourced ingredients. Our favorite flavor is called “Bog Witch”-- Bog Witch has a delicious cranberry taste!

At Fieldstone Kombucha, they use organic black and white tea and organic sugar. Finished kombucha is alive, bubbly, and lightly tart. It is full of beneficial acids and probiotics.

A little back story....Fieldstone Kombucha was created in February 2019, in Bristol, RI with the ambition to unite sustainable farming, delightful kombucha, and local communities around healthy beverage consumption and lifestyles.

What we love even more is that Fieldstone Kombucha is a business with a purpose. It is connected to the local area and utilizes local materials and resources to craft drinks with amazing flavors that can enhance any meal, snack, or leisurely activity. The products are of the highest quality and are produced sustainably according to permaculture and regenerative standards.

Some of their other great flavors include:

Winter Warmer: tastes great with subtle spices to make it true to the flavor!

Quiet moments: sweet, tastes exactly like chamomile tea.

Golden Hour: mild ginger flavor, has hints of pepper with other bold flavors.

According to Emily, the owner of Fieldstone Kombucha, "the kombucha isn’t carbonated, but is naturally effervescent."

Sounds like a lot of fun drinks can come out of one can! You guys gotta try this!

Click here to see all of their flavors.

Their kombucha is a perfect sized drink to quench your thirst on the go. Fieldstone Kombucha is packaged in cans, so it’s easy to stockpile them in the fridge!

And did you know you can make smoothies with Kombucha? Check out this fun smoothie recipe!

Looks like we're going to have some fun with kombucha this year!


Hangrygirl Rhode Island

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