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Ankara, Turkey

Updated: May 14, 2020

The capital of Turkey, Ankara is both metropolitan and culturally stimulating...and the food!

turkish food
turkish food turkey doner

If you've ever had döner kebap, then you know this dish hits the spot. Paired with Ayran (a refreshing yogurt drink), side salad and some bulgar rice with tomato sauce. Most people don't eat the parsley, but I'm all over that ish!

“I've been waiting for this döner for 4 years...”

Another popular cuisine is called “kahvalti” for breakfast. just say the word and the number of people and servers being over dish after dish of delcious breakfast plates. Paired with tea served in a “samovar” and you’re all set.

Anothe popular style cuisine called “mangal” hits the spot with meat, meat and more meat. Check out the spread below housed in a treetop restaurant reminiscent of summer camp.

And we can’t forget my ultimate favorite, tapas style “raki-balik” or infamous Raki (anise flavored hard alcohol paired with ice and water) along with local seafood dinner. This dinner takes around 3 hours for a mutlicourse meal of cold and hot tapas, salad, fried seafood, fresh fish and fruit and tea for dessert.

If you haven’t been to Turkey and you love to eat, time to plan a visit!

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