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Black Sheep, Santa Barbara, CA

Updated: May 14, 2020

Unique and inspired cuisine in a warm and vibrant atmosphere.

Once in a while you stumble upon greatness. You feel lucky but wish you’d known about it sooner. That’s how we felt dining @theblacksheepsb. Course after course of beautifully prepared dishes, flavors that excite the palate and unique combinations of textures and colors. Hats off. This place is special!

“This is the most beautiful plate...ever.”

The Perez family created the black sheep restaurant on the premise of being weird and being ok with it, and on the promise of using the freshest of ingredients from the most sustainable sources. 

Global in scope, the black sheep menu features Latin, Asian, and Italian flavors but relies heavily on classic French technique.  Chef Robert’s restaurant is one of the only places in town where one can eat sweetbreads, ramen, and Peruvian potato tacos all in one sitting! If you're ever in Santa Barbara, don't forget to check this place out! The Black Sheep will NOT disappoint!

Have you ever been to Santa Barbara? Tell me about your fav restaurant!

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