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Covid-19's Impact on Influencer Marketing

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

One of my favorite email subscriptions is to Vogue Business. Their newsletter keeps me updated on everything from fashion and retail to technology and data. This past week, contributor Kaleigh Moore wrote a great article on how Influencers’ value and currency has increased since the Covid-19 crisis.

She discussed how influencer marketing has become essential for businesses now more than ever. Influencers are great communicators of services and products; they help brands to stay relevant. Moore pointed out that influencers have also become vital for many brands because of their user-generated content (UGC). Shifting businesses to remote work has taken a toll on the in-house production of marketing materials. Influencers’ photos and videos now have an especially high value to companies struggling with media shoots while social distancing.

One final point she made that really stood out to me was that having influencer marketing campaigns already established, or even having already networked with various influencers, serves as crisis management in crazy times like these. Brands and influencers who have relationships can get right to work on creating and sharing engaging content with the influencers' audience.

So, what does this mean for the influencers reading this article? It means that now is the time to market yourself!

Start composing emails, direct messages, and campaign layouts for brands that convey how much of an asset you are. If you’ve ever needed an excuse to spice up your media kit, now is the time! (Click here to read Hangrygirl’s blog about why media kits are crucial for any content creator.) Begin reaching out to brands, letting them know how you can help them during this crisis.

Communicate that by partnering with you, brands can keep connecting with their target audience regardless of the craziness Covid-19 has brought. Show businesses what you can do for them. Assure them that featuring their business on your social accounts and blog, they will stay relevant and on the screens of consumers. Do they need creative content to fill their own personal socials? Are they looking for posts that will convert consumers from considering to purchasing their service or product? Maybe they are trying to create awareness for their newly launched brand! Influencer marketing can tackle so many business goals and campaigns from the comfort of homes.

Influencer marketing has changed the game for brands and content creators. Social media features, blog posts, and affiliate links have transformed how businesses are able to target their audiences. In addition, partnering with an influencer puts credibility and familiarity behind the promoted brand for consumers. While quarantining, challenge yourself to maximize opportunities with your influencer account. Showcase your social media skills by helping to connect brands to target audiences. Use your engaging platform to be the liaison needed between brands and audiences throughout quarantine.

Have you noticed any trends with your influencer account since quarantine began? Tag my social accounts and let me hear your experiences @hangrygirl_ri on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

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