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This is Why You Need a Media Kit if You’re a Modern-Day Content Creator…

Whether you’re a social media influencer or just starting your journey as a freelancing brand manager, a media kit is crucial. Here you’ll learn not just what to include in your media kit, but also why having one will elevate your professional experience.

How Your Media Kit Will Help You Secure Success

It Shows Where You Have Been and Anticipates Where You Will Go…

Your media kit is what you will send to brands and businesses that you want to work with. Of course, those businesses will want to see the work you have done previously; however, what is also so valuable is where you will go. Each brand has a future and with your media kit you can decide which companies will fit into your portfolio next.

Are you a high-tech influencer, reviewing all the latest technologies? If you have worked with ten smart-watches but have yet to feature a smart-watch that tracks sleep, syncs to cellphones, or can be highly customized, then use that to your advantage! In the negotiation phase between brands, point out that you have worked with similar companies all highlighted in your media kit, but never one quite like the product at hand. Your media kit should help to point out ways that you can continue to grow your portfolio of brands worked with.

Delicate, luxurious, powerful, energetic, modern… These are all different examples of the personalities that may be incorporated into your brand.

Through incorporating the fonts, colors, and style elements reflective of your brand, your media kit should “look and feel like an extension of your blog and Instagram aesthetics” (a great description from publishing and analytics platform Later).

Design elements will be your best friend throughout this process. Whether you use Canva, Later, Microsoft Publisher, or Adobe Illustrator, you should find ways to incorporate your professional brand in creative and visually pleasing ways. Your brand, including tone, voice, and aesthetic, should translate across all your professional materials in a cohesive and recognizable way.

What to Include in Your Media Kit

Who You Are

Start with the basics – who are you? Include a bio that informs businesses on who you are. This is the first thing that will typically be read, so don’t be afraid to throw in personality! By showing passions, values, and hobbies, you differentiate yourself from other influencers. Let your potential collaborators see a professional but organic side of you.

Examples of Your Work

Your media kit should include any work you’ve done, whether it be summaries with back-links to your best performing blogs, curated titles of previous collaborations and partnerships, or examples from your professional photography collection. When you send your media kit to other business, you want to portray high levels of already-established credibility.

Analytics, Audience, and Reach

As you’re showcasing your previous work, don’t forget to showcase where that work has gotten you! Showcase the top cities you have reached, the age groups whose attention you have grabbed, and the traffic you have brought to your account. What are your top performing posts? Have you developed an engagement rate worth showcasing? Supply businesses with answers to their potential FAQs by providing them with all the information they need in your media kit.


Do you have any tips from crafting your media kit? Leave it in the comments! If you have questions about rebranding or creating your first kit, send me an email at and we can chat!

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