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How to Survive as an Influencer During Covid-19

As content creators, it’s our job to entertain, to inform, and to engage. But as #covid19 began to impact the economy, it simultaneously impacted media and the content that consumers want to see. So how can influencers maintain good analytics while adjusting to so many changing variables? Is the budget cut on marketing and advertising campaigns too much for influencers to sustain success?

If you’re an influencer, I’m sure you’ve noticed the increased difficulty to provide creative and engaging content. Coronavirus has changed the influencer marketing game. Travel bloggers are no longer able to travel. Fashion influencers are being challenged to find a balance between posting content that supports them while also being sensitive to economic struggles of their followers. The pandemic has shifted both the content that we are physically able to provide to our followers, and the content that our followers even want to see.

I recently was reading an article written by BBC News’ Cristina Criddle. It discussed the consequences of businesses running into “panic mode.” While I was reading, I couldn’t think of anything besides how true that is for so many brands and business – and I don’t blame them! There was and is so much uncertainty in these crazy times.

But while some influencers are struggling to secure collaborations and opportunites, others - fortunately including Hangrygirl - have been increasing collaborations and content rates.

Wondering how to keep up with content, collaborations, and the needs and wants of followers? The first step is to change your pitch.

Brands and businesses are scared just like we are. When you reach out, do more than simply using a basic collaboration template. Start fresh and write a message emphasizing that by working with you, you’ll help the brand to gain exposure and stay relevant in the minds of consumers. Let them know that your platform can be used to aid them and to keep them connected with audiences.

When I email brands, I address the situation at hand right away to establish trust:

Focusing less on hyping up my brand to businesses and more on how I can offer help during this crisis has lead to higher response rates for collaboration opportunities.

Criddle also pointed out that there is a serious demand for lifestyle and wellness posts about topics like mindfulness, fitness, beauty, and self-care. When looking for new collabs, find brands that fit what your audience want to see. If you have contracts made prior to the virus, find ways to incorporate the products and services into mindful posts that consumers will want to engage with.

Be transparent with your followers and post content they can relate to. Show your favorite at-home meal. Do a clean-with-me video on IGTV. Show off your favorite work-from-home outfit. Provide content that people can relate to and watch your KPIs get back on target.

Question for my influencers: Is there specific content that has been helping you or hurting your account? Are there certain trends you've been seeing on your feed or with your engagement since Covid-19?

Question for my followers: What kind of content have you been loving lately? Let us influencers know what content you're excited to see more of!

Comment down below your thoughts!

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